Frequently asked questions:

  1. How long does it take for the regular and rush visa processing?
  • Regular processing takes 7-8 business days, not counting the day you drop off the application material.
  • Rush processing takes 3 business days, not counting the day you drop off the application material.
  1. How can I get the 10-year multi-entry visa?
  • The 10-year multi-entry visa is only eligible for U.S. passport applicants whose passports have at least 1 year valid at the time of the application.
  1. My U.S passport will expire before my 10-year visa expires, what should I do with my China visa once I got my new U.S. Passport?
  • The 10-year visa is transferrable as long as your personal information on the new passport has not changed (name, sex, dob). You will need to bring the expired passport with the 10-year visa and your new passport to China.
  1. I have a Canadian passport, what is the longest business visa I can apply for?
  • Canadian passport holder is eligible for a multi-year multi-entry visa up to the expiration of their passport.
  1. I don’t have a passport that is neither U.S nor Canadian, what’s the longest business visa I can apply for?
  • It’s subject to approval by the consulate. Usually the consulate will issue 2 entry visa that’s valid for 6 months for business visa applicants with green cards. But it all depends on what the consulate decides.
  1. I just moved from another country/state and I do not have a CA driver’s license/ID, what can I provide instead?
  • You can provide other documents such as rental agreement, PG&E or garbage bills, bank/credit card statement showing your name and CA address

In Regards to the China visa application:

For section 1.23 Major family members, I do not have any family members living/traveling with me at the moment. Do I still need to provide their information?

  • You will still need to fill in at least one family member in the section 1.23. They do not need to be traveling/living with you.

Who should I provide for my emergency contact?

  • You can list anyone in the U.S to be your emergency contact for section 1.24